Dry-brushing the face – how to do it properly?


Probably each of us has heard about brushing the skin dry. Usually, such a procedure is carried out all over the body, but we tend to forget about the face. That’s why today, I will show you how to properly brush your face dry.

Dry-brushing the face – effects?

Regular face brushing (and, more specifically, the head and neck), improves the circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system. Such a treatment can largely contribute to the improvement of our well-being, the condition of the skin, nervous and muscular systems. Brushing also provides relaxation, tranquillity and relaxation. It will help people who suffer from lymph stasis and circulatory problems. Interestingly, brushing your face dry improves cognitive ability, ability to associate and concentrate.

Dry-brushing the face – skin treatment 

Using a brush instead of chemical methods for skin exfoliation is a lot more effective and brings better results. Systematic brushing of the face smoothes the skin, prevents dehydration, firms, unifies the skin tone and reduces wrinkles. This treatment results in faster tissue regeneration and reduces the tendency to skin inflammation.

How to dry-brush the face?

The correct technique, pressure and the gadget used are very important in brushing your face dry. Brushes with natural bristles of medium hardness will work well. The pressure on the brush should not be strong yet firm. Some parts of the face may be more sensitive and susceptible to irritation. It is best to start the procedure with the muscles of the neck and gradually move towards the top of the head, and massage the mouth and eyes with circular movements. Brushing the face dry takes no more than five minutes.

Dry face brush – contraindications

The face must not be brushed dry if you struggle with acne inflammation, open wounds and various types of infections. This treatment may be too aggressive for hypersensitive skin, very dry, extremely dehydrated and sensitized by dermatological treatments.

Dry-brushing the face – important info!

Always remember to clean the bristles of the brush that you use for the face massage. Before the treatment, spray it with disinfectant and wait a few minutes for it to evaporate. After the procedure, wash the brush with regular soap, leave aside to dry and store in a place where it will not be exposed to dust, moisture and other impurities.