Express Beauty Tricks for Sleepyheads

Hello, my sleepyheads!

Having a lie-in is one of the most pleasurable things we do. I could laze in bed all day… Sadly, then it turns out I’ve got a few minutes left before going out. I run out of time for make-up, breakfast or a hairdo. The necessity is the mother of invention so I’ve come up with ideas letting me stay in bed a bit longer. This is how express beauty tricks came into being. Discover them all!

Must-Have Set of Beauty Products

Like every woman, I’ve got lots of make-up products. They’re literally everywhere: bathroom, dressing table, drawers in the bedroom. I used to have problems finding the essential cosmetics while getting ready. Then, I started preparing a carry-on set of make-up products. I put them into a big bag on the dressing table. I’ve got a smaller one, too. I use it when I’m out.

Multitasking Beauty Products

Using multitasking cosmetics let me save up time. I hope to save some money (thanks to fewer products) and space in my apartment in the future. My multitasking cosmetics include BB camouflaging and moisturising cream, an eyeshadow palette (work as a highlighter, blusher and eyebrow enhancer) and a blusher (works as eyeshadow).

Dry Shampoo

I often washed my hair in the morning. Sadly, this was the reason why I was late for lots of meetings. What do you think, have I change the habit? No way! When I oversleep and must have a fresh hairdo I use a dry shampoo. It works amazing in every situation, absorbs sebum, lifts the roots and boosts hair volume. I also got a mini version to take when I go out.

What about your patents for the instant beautiful looks?